DACIE Membership


National Exposure National exposure through Commercial Exchange at no extra charge.
Add Listings Add an unlimited number of listings, searchable across our nationwide network of commercial listing services.
Property Search Access 2x more property listings; create catalogs and saved searches.
Alerts & Notifications Receive email or RSS notifications of properties, comparables, posted needs/wants, recent CIE activity, and posted industry news tailored to your preferences.
Reports & Brochures Create customized reports and brochures with dozens of options including maps, company branding, demographics, and attachments.
Sale & Lease Comparables Access to the historical database of sale & lease transactions in your market.
Email Communication Communicate with other DACIE members via email. Send & receive messages about new or updated listings, deals done, opportunities, etc.
Prospects / Leads Find out what professionals in your area are looking for by receiving emails tailored to your preferences or searching the database of posted Needs/Wants for leads.
SMS / Text Messages Receive instant text messages to your mobile phone whenever an inquiries are generated for your listings.
Professional Profile Create a detailed, search engine optimized online resume, highlighting your expertise, property listings, recent transactions, and more.
Market Statistics & Analytics Access to local market statistics (average lease rates, trends, etc.) as well as current demographic and economic data.
Export Options Export your data or search results any time in XML, CSV, XLS.


Membership for DACIE is handled by request.

To find out more, please contact the administrator:



Membership Requirements

You must sign up with a broker that is an active member of DACIE if you hold a salespersons license.

Joining DACIE

To download an application, visit the CDAR website application page or download your application right here and return the completed application back to CDAR at the e-mail above.

Membership Dues

*One-time application fee: $30.00

Quarterly Fees: $115.00 per quarter

Quarterly Fees: $102.00 per quarter

Annual (Calendar Year) Fees: $150.00 per year

Clerical Users
Quarterly Fees: $50.00 per quarter

Member Benefits

  • Broker/Agents/Appraisers: Full-Access

  • Can login to DACIE, search and save listings, create reports, etc.

  • Can send broadcast emails

  • Displays in membership lists (if member)

  • Attend the monthly marketing meetings

For more information on all that DACIE has to offer, check out the CDAR website DACIE page here.