Catylist Mobile App

Catylist Mobile CIE

DACIE is Mobile!

All DACIE Subscribers have access to the Catylist Mobile CIE App

  • Designed to work beautifully on Android/iOS smartphones & tablets, including iPhones & iPads.
  • Sophisticated, map-based searching including an unlimited number of results.
  • View full listing details, including photo galleries.
  • Sync'd with your listing catalogs for access during showings, client presentations.
  • Access to the DACIE member directory to call/email colleagues.
  • View your inventory of available property listings.
  • Email listings and catalogs directly from your device.
  • Read the latest commercial real estate news articles, aggregated from around the Web.
  • Free public search allows tenants & investors around the country to find your property availabilities on their mobile devices.

Setup is Easy!

Apple iPhone or iPad

  • Visit in Safari.
  • Tap the "Go To" icon at the bottom/center of the Safari window.
  • Then tap "Add to Home Screen".
  • Now click the new Catylist icon on the home screen of your iPhone/iPad whenever you want to launch the app.

Android Phone or Tablet

  • Visit in your browser.
  • Bookmark the page. In most versions of Android you'll click "Menu" then "Bookmarks". You'll see the mobile app at the top with a star – click it, then "Add Bookmark". Catylist will now appear in the grid of bookmarks below.
  • Long-press (press and hold) your new bookmark, then "Add shortcut to Home".
  • Now click the new Catylist icon on the home screen of your phone/tablet whenever you want to launch the app.

View the Demonstration Video